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Society for Leadership Skills Development (SLSD) is an organization providing consultancy for human resource development to serve the industry and the business community for their business growth and productivity. It has a panel of experts on different topics of soft skills. It has served more than 200 organizations and 10000 thousand professionals until today. Professor GMA Moinuddin Chowdhury is the Founder and CEO of this organization.

Now SLSD has its 7 wings to serve Bangladesh better:

(1) SLSD English Club

(2) SLSD School of Emotional Intelligence

(3) SLSD Career Skills Development Club

(4) SLSD Entrepreneurship Development Club

(5) SLSD Women Empowerment Club

(6) SLSD  Operations Management Club

(7) SLSD Members’ Relationship Club

Our Vision:
Global Leadership From Bangladesh

Our  Mission:
To Empower People to Enrich Human Life Style

Humanity, Integrity and Service

Together we are Stronger

Message from the Founder and CEO

Welcome to Society for Leadership Skills Development (SLSD)!

The most mysterious thing about humans on earth is ‘leadership’. It has many schools of thought. Some believe that a leader is born. Other schools of thought believe that leadership is nothing but attitude. Some opine that it can be situational, autocratic or benevolent based on a number of factors. If you join us you can explore many avenues of leadership. You create the platform in learning partnership with us.

You can take any kind of initiative by dint of learning with us. Society for Leadership Skills Development (SLSD) studied ‘leadership’ very closely and discovered the VIP-Model of leadership. Moreover, it has been proactively in contact with more than 200 different organizations of different industries for their Soft Skills (Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Strategic Communication, Teambuilding, Negotiation Skills, Presentation Skills, Customer Care Excellence, Sales Leadership and so on) management and leadership consultancy.

Until now SLSD is now partnering with many other organizations such as  FBHRO, Thriving Skills, Interactive Cares, Open Access Bangladesh,  Gtv and CNI as our motto is ‘Together we are stronger’. We have now 7 wings to led by a Chair to contribute more for Bangladesh. The 7 wings are:    (1) SLSD School of Emotional Intelligence (2) SLSD English (3) SLSD Career Skills Development (4) SLSD Women Empowerment Club (5) SLSD Entrepreneurship Development Club (6) SLSD Operations Management Development Club and (7) SLSD Members’ Relationship Development Club.

Our First two public signature programs such as GOAL Setting 2019: Redefined and 1st Business Leaders’ Carnival 2019 were a huge success in 2019. We look forward to creating more positive impacts in millions of minds of our next generations and making Bangladesh a much better place to live in. We are also proud to have two books published from SLSD (1) The Art and Science of Presentation Skills and (2) Emotional Intelligence (Bangla)

We are making progress as a team. By the grace of Almighty Allah we are becoming different day by day. Credit of this progress goes to all its leaders, well-wishers and our valued clients.  Very soon SLSD is taking its global shape. Please extend your co-operation and stay with us for the adventurous journey of LEADERSHIP!

Thank you all very much for being with us.
Best wishes ALWAYS.
Prof. GMA Moinuddin Chowdhury
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Society for Leadership Skills Development (SLSD)
president@slsdbd.com | slsdbd@gmail.com
Cell: +8801711705618

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