Project Description

Program Overview:
Business is all about communication. So is the survival of individual’s position in the
society. The more effectively you communicate, the more widely you get connected with
the world. In order to get connected with the proper network and flow, you must have the
effective communication skills. It increases our efficiency and saves time, money, energy
and efforts. The secret of success in life lies in how effectively we can communicate with
the world around us. This programme will help participants to understand how to
communicate effectively at work and in business to bring productivity at work and even in
personal life.
Effective communication skill is one of the most important skills for a successful leader.
Without effective communication process in place business experiences ‘strategic drift’ in
its growth. The cash-flow, the target or the value-addition is the product of effective
communication in business. Even the evaluation tool of business growth depends on this
process. Fortunately, it’s a learned skill. We can make it better or much better if we get
focused on our continuous development aspect of business and individual. This one-day
workshop program is exclusively designed for the leaders of the industry (ranging from
Senior Manager to Managing Director) to create a new dimension for his/her own
organization. This is a fun learning experience for any top executive where he discovers his
SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threats) analysis to define or redefine the
process of effective communication for his organization to aim at something MORE!!!
Learning Outcomes:
After successful completion of the training, the participants will be able to:
(1) understand the importance of effective communication
(2) use different ways to communicate effectively: Oral, non-verbal, written & listening
(3) learn to remove barriers of effective communication
(4) plan the effective tools for effective communication
(5) apply the learned knowledge to bring more productivity at work
Learning Topics:
Review of ‘Communication Fundamentals’
Human ‘emotion’ more productively at work in effective
Language in Action: Verbal Communication & Non-Verbal Communication
E-mail Etiquette, Manner & widely used standard language