Project Description

Program Overview:
Negotiation takes place when two people (or more), with differing views, come together to attempt
to reach agreement on some issue. This may be a one-off event or part of an on-going
relationship. It is a form of communication known as persuasive communication. In a word,
bargaining. Persuasive communication is about getting what you want. Negotiation is about
getting the best possible deal: that is, getting what you want in the best possible way.
Negotiation can smooth relations. It can save you time, money, aggravation and ‘face’ ..… or gain
you a positive advantage. But there is a catch (isn't there always?). Negotiation is a complex
process. It involves learning some skills and some practice.
This 2-day long workshop is designed to help you do better and achieve more in a variety of
negotiating situations. I want you to buy it. You want to be a better negotiator. Buy it (and read
it) and we both get what we want. Is it a deal?
Learning Outcomes:
This 2-day exclusive workshop allows each learner to
(1) pursue communication and selling
(2) deal with better Purchasing skills
(3) have skills to deal with staff (up & down)
(4) arbitrate in much better way
(5) learn many business or personal transactions
(6) have the concept "Everything is negotiable – everyone is a negotiator."
Learning Topics:
Functional aspects of 'negotiation'.
Contexts where we can use 'negotiation' and how
Knowledge and skills for an effective negotiation
Effective Communication for effective negotiation
Verbal Signs
Behavioral Deploys
Theory of positivity